Selecting your notification settings

What are Smart Notifications?

Since Trove learns from your interaction with email, it knows which emails are most important to you.
Tell Trove you only want push notifications for emails that matter by enabling Smart Notifications. 

During the initial set-up process in Trove, you were prompted to make a choice between All, None, or Smart. You can review or change your preferences at any time. Here's how...


Start in the Mail Tab:

  1. Tap All/@domain in the top-left corner of your Mail Tab
  2. Tap the Settings gear icon at top-right corner:
  3. Under Notifications, select Alerts
  4. Select your preference from the 3 options:
    None; Only Important Emails (Smart Notifications); All New Mail

Start in the Mail Tab:

  1. Tap the Menu icon in the top-left corner of your Mail Tab:
  2. Within the Drawer, tap the Settings gear icon (you may need to scroll to the bottom):
  3. Under Accounts, select the account you would like to change notifications settings for
  4. Under Notifications, toggle Notifications and Notify for Every New Message to suit your liking

    To set up Smart Notifications on Android, enable Notifications and disable Notify for Every New Message:



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