Customizing your Snoozes (iOS)

What is a Snooze Default?

When you Snooze an email within Trove, a list of options appear in a dialogue box. You can Snooze to:

  • Later
  • Tonight
  • Tomorrow
  • This Weekend
  • Next Week

The times associated with these options are called Snooze Defaults.

For example, the default setting (that we plugged in) for Tonight is 6:00PM.
Let's say you like to be reminded of your emails when you get home at night, but tend to get home around 5:00PM rather than 6:00PM. Simply change the Snooze Default setting for Tonight to 5:00PM and you're good to go.

Snooze Default settings are great for customizing your email workflow with Trove.


Start in the Mail Tab:

  1. Tap All/@domain in the top-left corner of the Mail Tab
  2. Tap the Settings gear icon at the top-right corner:
  3. Under Interaction, select Snooze Defaults
  4. You'll see a screen that looks like this:
  5. Select the setting you would like to change
  6. Scroll to select the time you'd like to change the default to
  7. Tap Save to enact the changed default setting
  8. Continue through the list of Snooze Defaults until the times fit your workflow

    Tap Reset Snooze Defaults at the bottom of the screen to remove all custom times and replace them with the original settings.  


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