Choosing your App Badge (iOS)

What is the App Badge?
The Trove App Badge is the red circle that appears on the Trove App icon when viewing your phone's home screen. 
The badge informs you that something inside Trove is awaiting your action.

Choose from the following 5 options for your App Badge settings:

    • None: For those of you who never want to see your app badge, no matter what
    • Show 1 for New Emails: Displays either a 1 in your app badge or no badge at all. If you see a 1, that means you have new emails (regardless of actual # of new emails)
    • Unread Thread Count: Tells you how many emails across your inboxes are unread
    • Total Thread Count: Tells you how many emails are in your inboxes, total
    • Questions Waiting for Me: Tells you how many emails are being tracked or require your attention in the Questions Tab


Start in the Mail Tab

      1. Tap All/@domain at the top-left corner of your Mail Tab
      2. Tap the settings gear icon at top-right corner:
      3. Under Notifications, select App Badge
      4. Choose the setting you would prefer
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