Adding account aliases


Start in the Mail Tab:

  1. Tap All/@domain in the top-left corner of your Mail Tab.
  2. Tap the Settings gear icon at top-right corner:
  3. Under Accounts, tap an account to add an alias to
  4. Under Compose, tap Aliases
  5. Tap the Add button at the top-right corner:
  6. Enter a name and the alias address in the Add Alias dialogue box
  7. Tap Add


To send an email using an alias, tap your email address where it appears at the top of the screen when composing an email. Select your alias from the drop-down menu to send with your alias. 

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  • 1
    Kevin Lee

    Hey Laura.

    Any support for Android yet? Is this on the product roadmap? This feature is huge for us.

  • 0
    Jason Cook

    I'd love to see alias support for Android as well. With the way I use email, I can't use this app without alias support.

  • 0
    Kevin Lee

    Hey Laura. It's been almost two months. Any news on the Android Alias Support?

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