Origin Stories

Relationships are built over time. Origin Stories, or Origins, unearths the stories behind your relationships:
  • Who introduced you
  • Your first email interaction
  • How this person has expanded your network

Origins can be found at the bottom of a connection's Person Detail page.  

Let’s explore the Origins of my hypothetical relationship with Abby Alonzo using Trove for Android. 
  1. I was introduced to Abby in November 2011 by Harvey Wonder. Harvey is currently working as an Account Executive at Meemm. My current connection strength with Harvey Wonder is 8.4
    Tapping the Introduced by… section opens the introducer’s Person detail page — in this case, Harvey’s.

    If the connection introduced themselves, the current Person detail page will remain in view. 

  2. My first interaction with Abby was in an email thread titled Re: Roxxon board mtg. Tapping this section opens the email thread where we were introduced. 

    A Message Not Found error message appears for emails that have been deleted. 

  3. Over time, Abby has directly introduced me to 12 people. Abby introduced me to Chauncey Hitchens, Diane Santos, and Virginia Muñoz. Tapping the section title opens a list of all 12 introductions. Tapping any contact opens that person’s detail page. 

  4. The 12 people that Abby introduced me to have introduced me to 131 people in total. Tapping this section opens up a list view. Tapping any contact opens that person’s detail page. 
From this section, I can see that my relationship with Abby is very valuable — she’s introduced me to 12 people, who in turn have introduced me to 131 people. She’s effectively grown my network by 143 people! My connection strength with Abby is currently 7.4 (listed at the top of her page), which leaves some room for improvement. I realize that I should do more to stay in touch with her, so I mark her profile as Stay In Touch. I also send her an email about grabbing coffee next week. ☕️👭
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